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Preparing the Syllabus for University Approvals

The syllabus is a roadmap to your course, providing basic information on assignments, requirements and policies, and communicating your expectations for student success.

General Guidelines

General considerations, uses, a template and checklist, examples, tips, a sample, and resources can be found in Chapter 3, Creating a Syllabus, from the handbook, Instruction at FSU: A Guide to Teaching & Learning Practices. Note: the sample language in the handbook is not necessarily current. Please see below for updates.

Syllabus Checklists

ODL faculty have created two checklists for essential elements of a syllabus, including proposed wording for FSU policy statements. View a generic example or one tailored specifically for online courses.

Sample Syllabus Statements and Templates

You can also select any of the following as guidelines for syllabus content:

Online Course Approvals

Visit the Office of Distance Learning website for more information on the course approval process for online delivery. 

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