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Systematic Instructional Design

Instructional Design starts with course planning, continues with lesson design and delivery, moves through student assessment and grading, and concludes with course evaluation and revision. Tasks in designing effective courses include:

  1. Gathering information on the university culture, faculty and course content expectations, and your students and their needs.
  2. Deciding upon the goals for the course and specific learning objectives for students.
  3. Developing student assessment methods that directly reflect the learning objective.
  4. Selecting content, learning activities, teaching methods, materials, and media that are appropriate and relevant to those goals and objectives.
  5. Implementing the course plan, creating a learning environment and a community of learners.
  6. Revising the plan after assessments and evaluations.

Learn more about course design in Chapter 1: Designing an Effective Course of Instruction at FSU: A Guide to Teaching & Learning Practices, designed to help instructional faculty and teaching assistants who desire to become more effective teachers. It offers strategies used by experienced instructors.

In addition, the following reference pages can help you with effective instructional design for your course:

  • Designing for Online Learning
    Much of the information on this page is generic to both online and face-to-face instruction. It can even help you determine how to move some course materials and activities online, to free up classroom time for more interaction.
  • Creating Learning Outcomes
    Clear and specific learning outcomes provide guidance for students, help you keep course materials and activities on topic, and support the development of appropriate learning assessments.
  • Preparing Your Syllabus
    Designing a course syllabus that clearly lays out expectations for students and sets the tone for the semester.
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