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ODL Video Production Policies

The Office of Distance Learning’s Media Services Unit provides video production assistance to FSU faculty, prioritizing instructional video for online courses. Our primary aim is to ensure that online instructors are able to include brief, high-quality video segments for course and module/unit introductions and other instructionally appropriate uses.

Initial Consultation

The first step in any video production request is to contact your Instructional Development liaison to discuss the project and determine whether it fits within the scope of our work.

Production Planning and Scheduling

Next, contact Media Services to arrange a meeting to schedule shooting and to discuss releases/permissions for locations, talent, and any copyrighted materials to appear in the video(s). View the standard ODL Performance and Talent Release form.

Important note: All ODL-produced videos will be closed captioned to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Whenever possible, an advance script should be provided. The script should be provided to ODL at least three days before video is recorded so we can set up the teleprompter. When the nature of the project makes advance scripting inappropriate or impossible, additional costs may be involved in order to process captioning.

Production and Delivery

After shooting the video, the ODL media unit will arrange for closed captioning and create a version of the video segment for faculty approval. Both this and the final production version will be hosted on FSU’s Kaltura media service and instructors will be provided with guidance for embedding the video clip into their course sites. For the final version, the video clip will be moved to the instructor’s Kaltura account to facilitate reuse in subsequent course offerings.

ODL Media Services can also provide final copy of videos to instructors via flash drive or similar means on request. All media produced by ODL remain the property of Florida State University and any re-use beyond FSU courses is governed by Chapter 4.063 of FSU Regulations and Article 18.6 of the UFF-FSU Collective Bargaining Agreement.

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