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ODL Support Services

To support all FSU courses, regardless of delivery mode, ODL will

  1. Provide software and helpdesk support for the campus learning management system.
  2. Provide and support various distance-learning technologies.
  3. Provide testing, scanning, and evaluation services, comprising:

To support the offering of all courses approved by the Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee for online offering, ODL will

  1. Orient staff within the offering academic unit to any requirements related to course creation in the Campus Solutions Curriculum Management System (CSCMS).
  2. Ensure course coding is correct and, where appropriate, add distance-learning fees to the CSCMS.
  3. Upon the completion of items A & B:
    • maintain a program page on the website that highlights pertinent online program information and links to the offering department's program webpage,
    • answer inquiries from students regarding course/program offerings and refer students to the appropriate department contacts when necessary, and
    • include course information in the semesterly database upload to Florida Shines, a service of the State University System of Florida and the Florida College System that helps students find and register for distance learning courses.
  4. Consult with the academic unit’s distance learning staff and faculties to identify resources for training distance-learning mentors (online teaching assistants supported by DL fees).

To support the offering of all approved online courses that collect a DL fee, ODL will 

  1. Enter into an agreement with the offering unit that identifies courses to be offered and the associated auxiliary account.
  2. If necessary, apply for the DL auxiliary account through the FSU Budget Office, upon provision of sufficient information by the offering department [link to budget estimate spreadsheet and instructions]. ODL cannot guarantee that the account will be established and may need to keep the auxiliary fees in an existing account. In all cases, revenues must be sufficient to ensure that course offerings are financially sustainable for at least three years.
  3. Maintain budget snapshots in the Appointments/Budgets Database for all DL programs and courses.
  4. Respond to DL auxiliary account audits.
  5. Maintain an auxiliary account for all auxiliary funds generated by the additional course fees.
  6. Process expenditure requests and personnel appointments that draw from the auxiliary funds.

To support the development of high-quality online instruction in approved online courses, ODL will

  1. Provide assistance with the Curriculum Request Application.
  2. Assist faculty with the integration and use of selected technology tools.
  3. Coordinate the production of digital media through ODL Media Services.
  4. Develop and distribute distance learning pedagogy and technology training for DL instructors and mentors.
  5. Identify course design tools to assist faculty who are assigned course development responsibilities including but not limited to: effective learning strategies related to instructional design, current assessment tools, and instructor/student interaction techniques.
  6. Provide Quality Matters-based course reviews on request.
  7. Assist faculty with adherence to ADA guidelines.
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